10 Ethical (that means Fair Trade, Sustainable, Eco) Brands for Women and Men

It's so easy to quit fast fashion now that there are so many ethical and slow fashion brands (quite literally) at our fingertips! At People Heart Planet, we make it easy for you to discover and shop fair trade and sustainable brands, because we know you care about people and the planet and you want the way you shop to reflect these values too.

What makes ethical fashion brands so different from fast fashion brands? Well, of course, ethical brands follow fair trade practices like ensuring workers are paid fair and living wages, never using child or slave labor, never forcing overtime work and ensuring safe working conditions.

And ethical brands care about the planet, too, because they know that the Earth is a resource that all human beings share! This commit to sustainability includes minimizing their impact on the planet throughout their entire production cycle and business model. They use organic materials, renewable energy, zero-waste designcircular economy practices, less water and more!

Really, what's not to love about ethical clothing brands?!

If you're looking to discover ethical fashion and lifestyle brands that are fair trade and sustainable, here is a list of 10 brands for both women and men (in no particular order) that do good by people and the planet.

Pact is a Boulder, Colorado-based, sustainable, organic clothing brand that offers essential basics for the whole family. Everything is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. This means 91% water savings and no toxic chemicals. Pact partners with Fair Trade Certified factories that provide safe working conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and enable people to earn additional money to invest in their families and communities. Even Pact's packaging is designed to minimize their environmental footprint. Don't forget to check out their carbon-offset shipping and their give back boxes! 

Warp + Weft is a New York based ethical denim brand. Mindful manufacturing is in the "jeans" of this family-owned company. They operate an eco-friendly mill that uses less water than traditional denim manufacturing facilities, recycles 98% of water and bypasses the typical environmentally harsh bleaching process, instead using Dry Ozone technology. This number may shock you, but a pair of jeans made the traditional way uses 1,500 gallons of water, while a pair of Warp + Weft jeans only uses 10 gallons of water. Warp + Weft ensures ethical practices, fair wages, reasonable hours and positive working conditions. Their clothing line is size inclusive.

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish sustainable denim company and a leader in the eco fashion revolution. 100% GOTS cotton. Fully transparent production. They work with Fair Wear Foundation to ensure fair and safe working conditions. They recommend wearing your jeans dry, i.e. no washing for six months. They also offer free repair and trade-in discounts.

Nobody Denim is an Australian denim brand whose believes that sustainable business is good business. Nobody Denim manufactures their products in their hometown of Melbourne and guarantees fair working conditions. They work with Sustainability Victoria as well as energy and materials efficiency assessors to reduce their environmental footprint. They now offer a certified carbon positive denim collection made with carbon positive cotton grown in Australia.

Gandy's is a London-based ethical, travel-inspired clothing brand founded by brothers Rob and Paul Gandy who lost their parents in the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. As kids, their parents took them and their siblings out of school and traveled the world, volunteering and teaching them to not just exist in the world but to fully embrace it. Their parents' legacy inspired them start a company that is ethical and sustainable and gives back. Their foundation Orphans For Orphans is building campuses all over the world. And their business has grown from a flip flop company started in their bedroom to a global brand. For more about their story, read their book Tsunami Kids: Our Journey From Survival to Success.

KNOWN SUPPLY is a social enterprise and lifestyle brand founded by Travis Hartanov and Kohl Crecelius. Its mission is to empower marginalized populations in impoverished communities around the world. The founders truly believe that jobs change lives. Workers are paid fair wages, which restores dignity for individuals and provides tangible pathways out of poverty, and every piece is hand signed by the person who made the item. They partner with Fair Trade Certified™ producers and have direct trade relationships to ensure the best, most ethical wears. GOTS Certified organic cotton is used for nearly everything they produce. KNOWN SUPPLY is a certified B Corporation.

KOTN is a Canadian based, ethical clothing brand that makes high quality essentials from authentic Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile Delta. Even though Egypt’s white gold is finer, softer, and more breathable than any other cotton, big corporations are going with cheaper options leaving millions of farmers, weavers and craftspeople struggling. That's why KOTN makes their our own fabrics from raw cotton bought direct from farmers in Egypt at guaranteed prices. KOTN manufactures in a cut-and-sew factory outside Alexandria that ensures a fair wage. Also to stop the cycle of child labour, KOTN partners with pro-literacy organizations in the Nile Delta.

Icebreaker is a New Zealand based company founded by an outdoor enthusiast who decided it was crazy to go out into nature wearing synthetic (aka plastic) "technical" fibers. At the age of 24, he was introduced to merino wool and it changed his life. He and Icebreaker were one of the first brands to disrupt the outdoor gear industry that was totally dependent on petro-chemicals by introducing a sustainable solution. Today, Icebreaker works with sustainable farmers and audits their entire supply chain and factories to ensure they are planet and people positive.

TMPL is a Canadian-based athleticwear brand that is committed to toxin-free, sustainable apparel. Temple's line of men's and women's clothing is developed by veterans of the sportswear industry who share a mission of creating clean performance sportswear that is better for the planet and our bodies. TMPL Sportswear features their patented Pur-Tec Bluesign & Oeko-Tex Certified performance fabrics. It is moisture wicking, has 4-way stretch, anti-odor technology, UV protection, and more. All of their products are made in Canada and adhere to fair labor practices, including safe work environments, fair living wages and health benefits.

The Classic T-Shirt Company is a California-based ethical t-shirt brand. Husband and wife team Paul and Olga Garibian founded the company to offer an alternative to the cheap, toxic t-shirts that saturate the market. The Classic T-Shirt Company's tees are made from organic cotton sourced from small farms in India and manufactured at an ethical factory in Los Angeles.Fair wages. No exposure to toxic chemicals. The Classic T-Shirt Company is part of a fashion movement that is about respect for people and the planet.


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