What is Fairtrade Fortnight?
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What is Fairtrade Fortnight?

Have you ever heard of Fairtrade Fortnight? If you live in the UK, then maybe you already know about it. If not, you might be learning about it for the first time. Fairtrade Fortnight happens every year. A campaign of the Fairtrade Foundation, it increases awareness of fairtrade products and spreads the message of fairtrade principles. For two weeks each year at the end of February and start of March, thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK come together to share the stories of the people who grow our food and drinks, mine our gold and who grow the cotton in our clothes, people who are often exploited and underpaid. 

The first Fairtrade Fortnight was held in the UK on 12 February 1997. The organizing committee highlighted a single call to action: get every supermarket throughout Scotland to stock Fairtrade products. Volunteers were given a list of 85 supermarkets in and encouraged during the Fortnight to go and ask the stores to stock fairtrade products.The campaign was a huge success!

This year’s Fairtrade Fortnight is being held 100% online, so matter where you are in the world, you can participate! 

Fairtrade Fortnight’s 2021 theme is: Climate, Fairtrade and You - Choose the World You Want! It will highlight the growing challenges that climate change brings to farmers and workers in communities who have done the least to contribute to climate change but are disproportionately affected by it and have fewer resources to adapt to changes in climate and other stresses. According to the Fairtrade Foundation: “These farmers manage over 80 percent of the world’s 500 million farms and rely on this land for their livelihoods but with increasingly negative effects on land and agricultural production, farmers have told us that climate change is their biggest challenge right now.”

Head on over to the Fairtrade Fortnight webpage https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/choose-the-world-you-want/

to find out more and check out the resources folder in the Resources Library to get all kinds of educational material to share with students, small business leaders, organizers and more. For a full lineup of events, check out: https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/choose-the-world-you-want/lineup/

From interviews with farmers and workers on the ground to youth activists who are leading the global climate change movement, you are sure to find some exciting and educational events that you will want to share with family and friends. 

In addition to the U.K.’s annual event, Fairtrade Fortnight is held in several countries including Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And you can host one too in your community! If you want to find out more about launching a Fairtrade Fortnight event in your own city or town, contact us at contact@peopleheartplanet.com and we will be happy to get you in touch with your local Fairtrade Foundation representative. 


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