Does Buying Ethical Really Make a Difference?
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Does Buying Ethical Really Make a Difference?

We all care about what we wear, and we all ask the same questions before we buy. 

Do I like it? Does it look good on me? Is it worth the price? 

But there is another question we should be asking that is just as important as design, quality and affordability. And the question is...

Is it ethical?

In the world of fashion, the term ethical commonly refers to the high standards a company adheres to in the ways its production processes and operations impact people and the planet. 

This goes way beyond social responsibility and giving back. 

An ethical company commitments include:

· fair labor practices

· fair wages

· safe working conditions

· no child or slave labor

· sustainable production

· respect for the environment

· chemical-free production

· use of organic and non-GMO materials

· animal welfare


Why does ethical fashion matter?

Ethical fashion matters for so many reasons. Fast fashion is responsible for all kinds of harmful impacts on our world. Fashion is the second largest industrial polluter, responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. Fashion is second only to oil and gas! Fashion is a huge consumer of the Earth’s resources, including the use of 1.5 to 2.4 trillion gallons of fresh water every year. At the same time, the fashion industry is dumping 1.7 million tons of chemicals into the environment each year. In addition to negative environmental impacts, the garment industry is notorious for employing children and slave laborers, often in unsafe working conditions. 


Alternatively, when we buy from ethical brands and companies, we are part of a positive fashion revolution that is working hard to combat climate change and reduce global carbon emissions and to end human trafficking and the practices of modern day slavery. Ethical fashion is making our global economy more fair and just by ensuring that people are paid living wages, and it’s stopping the spread of GMOs and the excessive use of pesticides and herbicides that threaten human health. And it’s also taking on the environmentally-harmful practices of the modern day factory farming industry.

How do I buy ethical?

We started PeopleHeartPlanet because we are trying to be better ethical consumers, and we realized that we could build a platform that makes it so much easier to search for, find and buy from the thousands of ethical brands and companies that are truly changing the way the world does business. We are only a small part of this ethical consumer movement, but we are oh so happy to be a part of it.

If you’re new to the world of ethical fashion and ethical consumerism, then welcome to the tribe! We hope we will see you around the blog often and that you will share with us your story about how you are striving and succeeding at making the world a better place in so many small ways that will add up to a really big difference!

Want to learn more?

Join our Facebook Group @ Ethical Consumers Community - PeopleHeartPlanet.  The group is both a community AND a catalyst. In this space, we learn from each other, motivate one another to do better and conspire together to create change in small and big ways.

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