How Do We Find Out #WhoMadeOurClothes?
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How Do We Find Out #WhoMadeOurClothes?

When you ask #whomademyclothes? what you are really asking is...

Was it made by child or slave labor?

Was the worker paid a living wage so that they can afford food and housing? 

Do the workers work in buildings that are unsafe and under conditions that are unfair? 

Does the company have sustainable practices? 

Does it consider it’s entire environmental footprint and do its best to reduce this impact? 

Do the brands and companies you buy from prioritize people and the planet in the same way they prioritize profit? 

How do you find out #whomadeyourclothes?

  1. Start by reading the tag.


Brands that use ethical factories or manufacture in countries with enforced labor laws don't hide this information. Look for certifications like Fairtrade or Fair for Life. But don’t stop there.

  1. Next time you go shopping, ask the store worker a few questions.  

Next time you go shopping, don’t be afraid to ask the person who works at the store about their company’s mission and the products they sell. Brands want your loyalty, after all, so you might as well find out if you really want to support them! Brands that care about people and the planet have answers to these questions, so go ahead and ask.

 ·         Where are your clothes made?

·         Where are your factories located?

·         Who makes the clothes?

·         Are they paid a fair wage?

·         Does your company have a sustainability plan?

·         Do you have a plan to reduce your environmental impact? 

  1. If the in-person thing doesn’t work for you, read up on your favorite brands on their websites.


Again, it's not hard to tell if a brand is leading the ethical movement. Read the About Us section, the Mission and the FAQ. Actually, you probably won't even have to go that far because most ethical brands aren't shy about their values! And don’t forget, you can always send an email. Brands actually like to hear from their customers. Thank them for what they do or ask them to do more!

#whomademyclothes is the brilliant campaign of Fashion Revolution. To find out more ways to take action, check out: https://www.fashionrevolution.org/about/get-involved/. And for great resources for kids, don’t miss this link: https://www.fashionrevolution.org/about/get-involved/educator/education/resources/.

And mark your calendars now because Fashion Revolution Week is happening 19-25 April 2021!

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